4 benefits of automatic doors

If you are in the process of choosing new doors for your business property, you may never have considered automatic doors. If your company welcomes a large amount of people each day, automatic doors could be a really good option. If you believe automatic doors are the right option for your business, why not have a look through our aluminium door range to see which design you prefer? Whatever you choose, we can turn your aluminium doors automatic!

Here are four benefits of automatic doors:

  1. Customer-friendly

Due to the amount of people who may enter the premises, each customer will have different needs which need to be considered. For example, should they have any physical disabilities, automatic doors provide easy access without having to squeeze through small doorways or open doors manually. Customers may also be carrying heavy bags, which makes it difficult to open heavyweight doors.

  1. Cost-effective

Unlike traditional doors which are constantly opened and closed with the influx of visitors, automatic doors can save on energy costs. Traditional doors are often to blame for the loss of a great deal of heat if they are left open for long periods of time. Automatic doors only open when someone is nearby, meaning that they can never be accidentally left open. Due to this, energy costs can be saved through the preservation of heat.

  1. Draws attention

Have you ever walked past a building and the automatic doors have opened? Often, when this happens to passers-by, they often take a peek into the building. Automatic doors may be a clever way of enticing potential customers to enter your business without the need for advertising. Something as simple as a moving door could capture their attention!

  1. Security

Automatic doors contain glass that is five times tougher than standard glass, therefore they are ideal for keeping your business secure during the evenings and when the property is left unoccupied. Not only this, but the large area of glass which is contained within automatic doors means there is good visibility to keep a wandering eye on suspicious activity.

If you would like any further information on automatic doors or other supplies such as aluminium windows or doors, please contact us today at www.aluminiumdoorsupplies.com. If you would like to make your aluminium doors automatic, we’d be happy to assist with your queries.

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