Aluminium Shop Fronts

Typically a shop front section features box sections with or without a thermal break.  These are approximately 100x45mm in size, designed to accept the most common door closers as well Aluminium Shop Frontsas single and double glazing and aluminium panels.

Examples of commonly used shopfront systems include:

SAPA Framing Systems

SAPA 202 Ground Floor Treatments is the best selling tried and tested system for many years used in countless commercial application.  Available as the basis 202 Ground Floor Framing System or as there thermally enhanced system, it is the ideal choice for shopfront and Screen applications.

SAPA Dualframe Window Wall System is a comprehensive suite of profiles which when used in combination with the window elements of the SAPA Dualframe range is used to install thermally enhanced, high performance single or two storey framing or low rise curtain walling.  The system is ideal as it can have inset casement windows, pivot windows, tilt and turn windows and Dualframe doors all in “one system” and can also create fixed and opening lights as combination frames or separate coupled frames.

Senior Framing Systems

The Senior SFG shopfront and screen system is a pocket or flush glazed system suitable for ground floor screens. Utilising the popular channel and plate construction it enables simple site assembly with its ladder construction for easy site installation. All mullions run full height on the verticals allowing the correct structural integrity. Should larger spans be required, the Senior SFG Commercial Framing System is available with a range of reinforcement sections to give mullions greater integrity.

Comar Framing Systems

The Comar System is available in a variety of configurations to suit either single or double glazing, encompassing four integrated shopfront and screen suites.  These excellent systems are complemented by a variety of ancillary profiles such as  variable angle corners, three-way glazing options or mullions capable of higher spans.  Additionally there are bespoke design solutions available to enable curved, angled or special shaped glazed screens.

Smarts Shopfront and Framing Systems.

The SC-Frame is particularly suited in applications where a low to medium rise screen or facade system is required, without having to use curtain walling, such as large glass screens, shopfronts, tall shopfronts and showroom windows.  One feature of the SC-Frame System is its ease of glazing with additional simple site assembly.

  • Shopline is a simple non thermal pocket glazed framing system that integrates fully with commercial doors and inset casement windows.
  • Smartwall is the thermally broken shopfront and screen system which is ideal where insulated framing is required.