Aluminium – The perfect choice for modern architecture

Aluminium windows are currently trending online across many building and architectural websites, making them the first choice for homeowners looking to replace their old-fashioned existing windows and doors. Here are just a few reasons why your clients should consider aluminium windows and doors for their business premises and homes.

Green construction option

One major selling point for aluminium windows and doors is the fact that they are a recognised ‘green’ choice. Aluminium windows meet all energy codes and green construction requirements, making them the perfect choice for architects and builders who want to promote themselves as eco-conscious.


The clean, smooth look of aluminium really lends itself to modern architectural design. Ultra-thin, neat designs make window and door frames unobtrusive, allowing maximum light to stream unhindered into offices and rooms. In addition, aluminium frames are available in many different styles, including:

  • Side hung windows
  • Top hung windows
  • Horizontal sliding windows
  • Bifold doors
  • Traffic doors

Whatever style your client is looking for, aluminium is versatile enough to provide it.

Low maintenance

In a busy world, people want to spend more of their time indulging in enjoyable leisure pursuits than in carrying out mundane tasks. For those with home offices, the low maintenance requirements of aluminium frames make the material especially attractive, and are a good selling point.


For both businesses and homeowners looking to replace their existing windows and doors, cost is an important consideration. Aluminium is durable, long-lasting, and much cheaper to maintain than traditional wood or PVC. It is also weather-resistant, immune to damage by UV rays, and does not corrode. So, although aluminium may not be the cheapest option, it will save your clients a lot of money in the long term.

Good quality aluminium frames are very light but extremely strong, making them much easier to handle and transport than more traditional materials, such as wood or steel. This means that you and your workers won’t be wasting time shifting heavy, unwieldy materials, allowing you to pass these savings on to your clients.

Unlike other materials, aluminium windows and doors can be installed directly into brickwork or hardwood sub-frames, saving you labour and your client money.

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