Are aluminium door and window frames better than uPVC?

If you are looking to replace, or upgrade your windows and doors, the most popular options are uPVC and hardwood. In recent years, however, the demand for aluminium has increased, and there are a whole host of reasons why you should consider aluminium windows and doors over the more traditional materials.

The cost of manufacturing aluminium is greater than that of uPVC, which in turn makes it more expensive for your windows and doors. uPVC has been in mass production for over 40 years, which allows it to keep its prices relatively low. Price, however, only takes a product so far, and homeowners are increasingly beginning to see the choice and reward offered by aluminium. This means that, with aluminium’s growing popularity, and increase in products, there should be a drop in the price of aluminium.

uPVC windows are long life and durable, but over the course of a few years begin to degrade, for a number of reasons. Aluminium is a much more resilient material, and ensuring proper maintenance, will unquestionably stand the test of time.

Aluminium is a much stronger material than uPVC, which allows frames to be made thinner than their uPVC counterparts. One of the most common complaints about uPVC, especially in older properties, is the thickness of the construction of the frame, which leaves limited light coming through windows, and a bulky profile. Aluminium offers more light in through the windows, and gives a sleeker look, with a high glass to frame ratio.

As architecture advances to more complex and interesting styles, aluminium is increasingly the material of choice, as it offers a much wider degree of flexibility with frames that can be shaped to fit building styles, as well as sprayed with any colour desired. While uPVC frames can be produced in a number of colours, aluminium can be spray painted to match and RAL colour, which along with its ability to be bent and curved, offers total customisation.

Much like wood, uPVC can be prone to warping, as it contracts and expands with hot and cold weather. This effect can particularly be seen in big and moveable products such as French doors. Aluminium frames, however, better react to the elements, and remain consistent for many many years.

So, while uPVC may be the cheaper short-term option, the fact that it will have to be replaced over time, its poorer insulation quality, and its limited options for customisation, increasingly make it a product which looks set to be replaced by aluminium. To reconsider aluminium for your home’s windows and/or doors, contact us today.

Image credit: Windows by judy dean licensed under Creative commons 4

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