Door Closers

For exterior or commercial quality doors, Aluminium Door Supplies we provide a great range of transom closers designed for any aluminium, timber or metal door needing a concealed overhead closer.

Our door closers can be used by door manufacturers who make commercial doors and by door maintenance companies active in the refurbishment or servicing of commercial door systems.

Available in a choice of sizes, closer strengths or adjustable tension options, all are guaranteed to provide function, reliability and security.

Access Transom Closers

The Access range of Transom Closers from Aluminium Door Supplies is concealed in the frame head of any commercial door system providing a tried and tested hidden closing mechanism to any commercial door.

Door closers are available in a choice of options:

  • Adjustable tension option if required (DDA Closer)
  • Hold open or non hold open
  • Suitable for inward, outward or double action opening doors.
  • Varying closer spindle sizes
  • End or side load top arms and channels
  • Standard or heavy duty bottom pivots
  • Suitable for narrow, standard and oversize doors.

Our range of concealed transom closers can suit doors up to 1200mm wide and 2400mm high making them suitable for any high traffic entrance or exit door.

We provide our range of quality concealed closers for shop doors, school doors, hotel and hospital doors.

Quality transom closers for commercial doors and fire exit doors.

Our closers are extensively cycle test to hundreds of thousand cycles as well as being suitable for controlling doors in severe weather as well.

For building protection and user safety, all our door closers come with backcheck as standard.

All our door closers come with adjustment for closer speed and final latching speed. They also feature a built-in protection system to prevent prevent leakage of closer oil due to over adjustment. is

Closers are available in side load and end load configurations and will suit standard hinge stiles or anti-finger trap hinge stiles.   A range of closers is available for retro-fit applications that do not require expensive modification work to any existing doors.

Access transom closers are suitable for the older non thermal commercial framing systems or the latest polyamide thermally broken systems available from all the major aluminium systems houses.

Access 8800 Transom Closer

The ADS Concealed overhead transom closer is the tried and tested product for commercial doors and frames, providing controlled opening and closing of single or double doors.   Whether access universal fit you are looking to refurbish an existing older door requiring a new closer or manufacture new doors the Access 8800 transom closer is ideal.  It is suitable for single action (open in or open out) or double action (open in and out) doors.

As standard the Access 8800 transom closer benefits from flexible closing speeds, three levels of closer strength as well as the option of hold open or non hold open.

Supplied with a variety of top arm and channel components to suit the application.  The Access 8800 door closer is available as standard with a 12mm spindle length.

Access 9900 Transom Closer

The ADS 9900 Transom closer offers flexibility to existing door closer replacement having the option of extended spindle, closing and latching adjustment and available with hold open or acccess 8800 Transom Closernon-hold open options.

Additionally it has backcheck facility as standard.

Available in heavy duty, medium duty or light duty strengths and can accommodate larger doors.  Top arms for the ADS 9900 Transom Closer are available in side load, end load and anti-finger trap options.

For dummy doors there is also a dummy closer unit available.

Universal Transom Closers.

If your business is servicing or maintenance of existing door sets, Aluminium Door Supplies provide a range of Universal Transom Closers designed to replace old, failed or leaking closers.

Designed as a cost effective and simple door closer replacement option, our range of universal transom closers are suitable for all major aluminium systems without major door modification being required.