Folding doors

Automatic folding doors provide an ideal solution where buildings have narrow door openings or restricted depths.

Older buildings previously fitted with steel doors are typical of narrow door openings where occupiers wish to automate certain doors yet feel restricted by the narrow width. For narrow door openings, Aluminium Door Supplies can provide cost effective automatic door solutions.

Our range of automatic door operators ensure that the maximum opening door width is utilised. Automatic folding doors have the advantage or retaining as much of the original Folding doorsstructural opening as possible.  Our door operators enable you to automate main entrance or other internal doors where space may be at a premium and provide an excellent solution to swing doors for both one way and two way traffic.

Automatic bifolding doors are particularly suite to demanding environments in commercial buildings where heavy flow of people can result in “jams” and in assisting the disabled, such as hospitals, care homes, laboratories, restaurants, hotels, corporate headquarters and others.  During the busiest times in the day and in areas such as narrow corridors or major thoroughfares, automatic bifolding doors can ensure an unrestricted traffic flow.

Our new aluminium entrance doors offer the following advantages:

slim sight lines for minimum intrusion and maximum clear opening

built in anti-finger trap safety features

high security hook locks

monitoring facility connected to building security or fire alarm systems

a tried and tested automatic mechanism for maximum reliability and customisable features.

A range of automatic folding door operators are suitable for two, four or six panel configurations are easy to install, cost effective and designed to last.

Whether you require a brand new entrance, internal or external or simply wish to modify existing doors, automatic folding doors can be integrated into most entrances and help to keep the overall cost of building modifications low.  Aluminium Door Supplies Ltd can help and advise on the most suitable operator to suit your needs.