Maximise your security with aluminium door hardware

When it comes to your home or business premises, security starts at the door. It’s the main entry point for the vast majority of break-ins, and therefore your first opportunity to dissuade a potential intruder.

Our aluminium door hardware includes a variety of security-enhancing accessories to keep you and your possessions safe. Here are a few essentials:


It goes without saying that every entrance door should be lockable, but the style of lock you use can significantly improve your level of security. Manual hook and latch locks can provide safe and effective manual locking, while electronic strikes and magnetic locks can offer automatic or remote locking for enhanced access control.

Visible locking systems also provide an effective psychological deterrent to potential intruders. Criminals will often look for an easy target, and if your property is clearly well secured, there’s a higher chance that an intruder will move on.

Door closers

Nothing is more inviting to an intruder than an open door, which is why an effective closing mechanism is an essential addition to any security system. Transom closers offer controlled opening and closing of your aluminium doors, plus flexible closing speeds and safety features.

Pull handles

A strong pull handle isn’t just a convenient and attractive feature. It also makes it easier to close a door quickly and properly. We offer bespoke pull handles in a variety of styles and designs.

Armoured strike plates

If your front door has a hook lock, in most cases it will be used in combination with a simple cutout in the stile or frame jamb. However, for additional protection, you can install an armoured strike plate, offering enhanced strength and durability to make sure a locked door stays locked. A range of styles and designs are available to complement virtually any aluminium door design.

Panic bars

Security isn’t just about keeping intruders out – it’s also about being able to exit the building in an emergency. Panic bars allow you to quickly and safety open your door in a matter of seconds, while also providing an effective additional layer of security when the door is closed.

Any of these sound like they’d be beneficial to keeping your premises secure? Contact us today.

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