The ADS Range of Panic Bars and exit device provide safe and effective exit hardware for any commercial aluminium, timber or metal doors that require a reliable panic bar for means of escape out of a building.  Primarily designed as a safety exit device the ADS Range of panic bars still provide effective security when the door is closed and the building locked.push-to-exit-handle

Panic bars and exit devices are available for buildings where users will either be familiar with their operation such as office buildings or a range of panic bars is available for those buildings such as as retail outlets and other public buildings where users may not be familiar with the operation of exit hardware.

All hardware meets the needs of BS EN 179 and BSEN1125 accordingly.  Panic bars and exit devices are available as concealed or face mounted units to suit the application.

Push to Exit Paddle Handle

The ADS Push to Exit Paddle Handle is suitable as an emergency exit device or simple push to release mechanism on aluminium doors. This simple clearly labelled “Push” paddle handle is an alternative to lever handles or door knobs and is compatible with the range of ADS Latch Locks.push to exit paddle handle
Available in Silver or Black options and to suit narrow stile doors.