Sliding doors

We can offer a comprehensive range of sliding door operators and complete automatic sliding aluminium doors to create impressive yet functional entrances that are visually appealing as well as highly secure and offering controlled entry and exit.  Automatic sliding doors offer convenience yet with no physical contact with the door.

Our range of sliding door hear can be tailored to virtually any situation, structural openings and meet specific building requirements.  They are ideal for office buildings, shops, garages and petrol stations, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools and much more.Sliding doors

Our range is diverse offering a sliding door solution for Linear, Telescopic, Curved, Angular, airtight and hygenic room doors that can simply and cost effectively automate an entrance simply.   All our automatic door operates offer the latest electronic technology and design to provide safe, durable and reliable automatic sliding doors that will give many years of service.

Aluminium Door Supplies offer sliding door systems that negate the need to stand clear whilst the doors open or close whether you are approaching the doors from inside or outside the building.  Sliding doors are the best solution to meet the requirements of BS8300 and the Equalities Act as they are particularly suited to the needs of disabled people.

Our comprehensive range of automatic sliding door operators are suitable for most major aluminium commercial door systems as well as timber, steel and glass doors and offer many advantages:

Smooth and quiet operation

High Security when closed

Low thresholds and anti finger trap solutions.

Optional safety barriers are available

Panic break out facility

High specification sensors and monitoring

Safety and security features in the event of a power failure.

Whatever your requirements, Aluminium Door Supplies can provide operators to suit a wide range of door and framing systems or we can provide you with complete new entrances with a comprehensive survey, advice and supply or installation service.