Swing doors

Our comprehensive range of automatic swing door operators provide automation solutions for existing entrance doors or we can provide new aluminium doors fitted with the latest swingSwing Doors door operators.

Our automatic swing door operators provide easy access and exit solutions to shops and other public buildings regardless of size or traffic flow with cost effective and simple retrofit installation to existing door sets.  Additionally they are ideal as manual doors where required but with the option to open automatically when required.  Doors that may require only occasional use are fitted with convenient push buttons that require simple one handed operation to open.

Automatic swing doors are practical and efficient, closing securely and quietly with every operation.  Not only do they add convenience to any building but also provide easy access and functionality for disabled people, meeting the needs of BS8300 and The Equalities Act 2010.

Our operators and new door systems are suitable for open out and open in, anti finger trap doors, as well as catering for a variety of leaf sizes.

Whether you require an automatic swing door for exterior on interior use, we provide automatic swing door mechanisms for any environment.

If you wish to upgrade your existing manual door we can provide operators that are simple to install with comprehensive installation instructions and minimal modification required to the doors. Our operators will work with aluminium, steel, timber or glass door assemblies.  Our range of automatic swing door operators can be surface mounted or integrated into the existing door outer frames.

If you require a complete automatic entrance installed, Aluminium Door Supplies can provide a tried and tested commercial aluminium door system and the operator in a variety of designs, colours and specification and a range of colours.  We will conduct a full survey, advise on the correct operators and fully install or supply only.

Additionally our products can be enhanced with side screens, additional framing, shopfronts and manual swing doors if required, monitoring facility and combine useful features in the event of a power failure.

Contact us today for advice and help on choosing the right operator for your existing door or if you wish us to provide you with a complete entrance door.