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Aluminium doors and windows in crime prevention

on October 11, 2017

Aluminium doors and windows in crime prevention

Burglary of small business is a common and distressing crime, potentially placing the owner’s livelihood at risk. The use of aluminium doors and windows can play a crucial role in preventing break-ins. Here’s how.


The harder it is to access the premises, the less likely it is that a burglar will bother. Aluminium windows can be fitted with locks to prevent a burglar from forcing open a window and gaining entry. Window keys should always be kept out of sight and locked away securely in a desk drawer or safe. Windows should also be connected to the building’s alarm system.


Aluminium door frames are deceptively strong and they can be fitted with good quality deadbolt locks with anti-saw pins. Some locks also have an anti-drill feature. The outer casing of the lock should be bevelled and made of hardened steel making it more impact-resistant and difficult to twist with a pipe wrench.

Use a heavy four-screw security strike plate to prevent thieves from kicking the door in. The screws you use should be three inches long so that they go through the door jamb and are anchored in the frame stud.

Integral doors between outbuildings and the main office or factory premises should be treated the same as the outside doors with the same type of locks fitted. It is also a good idea to fit integral doors with access door locks to enable secure compartmentalisation of areas of the building that contain sensitive items. This will restrict the movements of a burglar who has breached the first line defences.

Glass door panels should be reinforced with security film to prevent a burglar reaching through and unlocking the door.

Burglary of business premises is a distressing and all-too-common crime. You can recommend taking these simple, common-sense precautions to keep your client’s business safe and keep the burglars away. For more information on how aluminium doors and associated locks can be used to keep your client’s business secure, contact the helpful experts at Aluminium Door Supplies.