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Emergency opening mechanisms for aluminium doors

on October 18, 2017

Emergency opening mechanisms for aluminium doors

One of the most important features of any commercial aluminium door installation is accessibility and ease of use in times of emergency. Choosing the right type of hardware for aluminium doors is essential. It will help to ensure that your installation conforms with health and safety standards and guidelines, and it could one day save lives. It can also help to ensure that your company is guarded against lawsuits being taken out for health and safety violations.

Two key features of emergency exit aluminium door hardware

The main forms of hardware for the emergency opening of aluminium doors, which can, by the way, also be used on timber and metal doors in general as well, are panic bars and push to exit paddle handles. Initially designed to provide a quick and safe exit in an emergency scenario, these types of devices must also facilitate good security when the doors are locked, and the building has been secured.

Exit hardware (including panic bars) must have consummate ease of use designed in. This ease of use must be fit for purpose not only in terms of members of staff who will be familiar with the hardware and emergency procedures, but must also be user-friendly for visitors to the building who may not be quite so familiar.

Applicable safety standards

To conform to health and safety standards, all such hardware for aluminium doors should be manufactured in accordance with BS EN179 and BS EN1125.

Depending on the individual installations of emergency door opening devices, they can usually be purchased as either face mounted or concealed.

Paddle handles – push to exit

Paddle handles are dual purpose. They can either be used as emergency exit devices for aluminium doors or as simple, push to open and automatically close and lock mechanisms. The open end of the paddle handle has the word “PUSH” emblazoned on it so it is clear and easy to read.

Paddle handles are usually available in either black or silver anodised finishes. They can also be supplied for narrow stile type doors.

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