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How to pick the best lock for your aluminium doors

on October 31, 2017

How to pick the best lock for your aluminium doors

Door locks provide the first line of protection against unlawful access to property, so it’s important that you select the right type of lock for the doors you intend to supply. With so many different types of lock available, it can be confusing which type is the best for your chosen door type. In this guide, we’ll look at the different types of lock available and recommend the window and door applications where they are most suitable.

Hook locks

Hook locks are ideal for hollow aluminium doors, but can also be used with other door materials such as timber and uPVC. They provide high levels of security with deadlocks included and are suitable for use with both narrow and wide profile door types.

This type of lock is particularly suitable for swing and sliding aluminium doors, because they use a heavy-duty hook and deadlock system which provides protection against the use of tools to lift the door from its runners or frame.

Deadlatch locks

Deadlatch locks are quite popular today and can be found on most front doors. They are similar to standard latch locks but include an automatic deadlock which locks the door when it is closed from the outside.

Deadlatch locks are most suitable for domestic doors of all profiles and construction types including aluminium, timber and uPVC. They can also be combined with an electric release mechanism, making them ideal for security access doors on commercial premises.

Bar bolt lock

The bar bolt lock is a conventional style lock which contains a single bolt made from laminated steel to provide protection against sawing. They can be fitted with a range of cylinders to provide access control to a variety of door types.

This type of lock is most suitable for securing slimline single or double action swing doors. They can also be used to secure sliding doors but are not as secure as hook locks, because they don’t prevent the door from being lifted from its runners.

Cylinder locks

Cylinder locks are the most common type of security access control found on windows and doors. They are typically pin and tumbler locks which fit into a cylinder that can be easily replaced by a locksmith. However, this type of lock is vulnerable to a technique known as lock snapping, so they should only be used in conjunction with other types of security locks.

Most insurance companies do not approve euro-profile cylinder locks for outside door use unless they are combined with another type of lock such as a mortise deadlatch, hook lock or bar bolt lock. However, they can be used to secure interior doors of all construction types including timber and aluminium.

Don’t forget about the accessories

Now you know which lock to choose, don’t forget about accessorising it. Aluminium Door Supplies can provide a range of lock accessories from all the leading brands, including faceplates, strike plates, high-security escutcheons, levers and handles to help secure your lock and provide a professional fit and finish for your doors and windows.

If you would like more information about the range of locks and accessories we supply or require help choosing the best lock for your application, contact our specialist lock team. We’re always happy to help.