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Lifting the lid on roof lanterns

on October 04, 2017

Lifting the lid on roof lanterns

The twin aims of increasing natural light and energy efficiency have led to the increasing popularity of large areas of glass – held by aluminium frames – in a variety building types.

It means that roof lanterns are beginning to appear in architectural plans for new homes and commercial businesses with greater regularity and not just in conservatories.

Aluminium Door Supplies (ADS) offers a range of manual and electric opening mechanisms for all types of windows and doors. This includes components to create ventilation systems. So, we decide to “look into” the trend for greater creativity going “through the roof”.

Why roof lanterns and skylights are popular

Both pitched glass lanterns and flat roof-light panels provide homes, restaurants, hotels and other new builds and refurbishments with the chance to maximise views, when the property has a pleasant aspect.

Triple glazing and the use of aluminium for insulation ensure this design feature doesn’t have a negative impact on heating bills.

This trend also fits well with the contemporary interior design theme of keeping things as clean, minimalistic and “stripped back” as possible. In this case, letting large glassed areas become a statement feature in new properties and refurbishments.

However, adding sky lights or roof lanterns can just as easily slot in to renovating Victorian and Edwardian buildings as they are a timeless classic feature of architecture.

Getting creative with aluminium for roof ventilation and light

Modern roof lanterns can also support creative shapes and sizes of lighting structures, from flat circles to elaborate pyramids and other geometric shapes.

Modern engineering and craftsmanship entails using the energy efficiency of aluminium frames, and ergonomic glazing to ensure water runs quickly and cleanly off the glass.

Aluminium for all forms of roof lighting is seen as a more aesthetically-pleasing and “luxury” alternative to budget-priced and often chunky PVC. When security and sound proofing are important, an aluminium framed roof lantern has the “edge”.

Using aluminium also offers the option for slimline frames, with no ugly cappings, without compromising energy efficiency and strength.

Choices in colours to finish your aluminium frame roof light increases its appeal and ability to blend in to overall design themes.

Getting the right components

Aluminium roof lanterns or skylights can provide either a non-opening glazed area, or one that can be extended outwards.

When you do need window controls and ventilation systems for roof lanterns and other frames, contact ADS. We have single openers or multiple aluminium components for supply or installation.