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The rise in popularity of aluminium doors for home use

on November 14, 2017

The rise in popularity of aluminium doors for home use

Door frames manufactured from aluminium have, until recently, been most popular in commercial buildings, thanks to their durability and strength. However, they can also offer a number of great advantages for non-commercial buildings. An increasing number of homeowners, architects and interior designers are starting to consider the functionality, aesthetics and longevity of aluminium doors.

Aesthetic value

The elegant aesthetic value of these doors can look stunning in a home when used as an external door. Their versatile and modern style is making them very popular with architects and interior designers. One of the main reasons designers choose aluminium doors is because of the endless possibilities in terms of customisation. An aluminium door can be produced in any colour with numerous options in terms of detailing. This means that a door can be matched exactly to the look and style desired. Carefully chosen hardware can help complete the look, whether the home is a traditional or contemporary style.

Reliability and durability

When designers are considering which doors to include they not only consider the aesthetics, they also consider which will be the most secure, durable and reliable. Many designers choose to have the frames powder coated or painted as this can add extra resistance to cracking and scratches. As they are resistant to corrosion and stand up to the elements, they are a very popular choice for those looking to save on possible maintenance or replacement costs.


The very little maintenance required with aluminium doors makes them a very economical option. To keep them looking great all that is needed is some glass cleaner and elbow grease. The hardware is also built to last and will stand up to the demands of any commercial or home use. Many people choose to lubricate the moving parts in areas where metal is rubbing against metal, to improve the ease of use.

We continue to design and develop a range of hardware to complement the elegant and durable look of aluminium doors. We know how important it is to balance aesthetics with strength and reliability. If you would like to discuss any of the products in our range, please contact us.