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Why aluminium door handles trump the plastic alternative

on December 05, 2017

Aluminium handles might just be one of the most common aluminium products that we use in our day-to-day lives. From doors to cabinets, and even for carrying electronic gadgets and industrial tools/equipment, we see aluminium handles time and time again, even if we don’t actually realise that is what we are seeing. The significance for us is that aluminium handles are lightweight, convenient, and they make it easy for us to use the things which they adorn.

Door handle variations

Handles are available in a number of different forms, materials and sizes. In addition to aluminium, there are handles made from stainless steel, plastic, wrought iron, brass, and many other materials. Though there are handles constructed of so many materials, aluminium and plastic are by far the most prominent and widely-used materials for making handle hardware. This is down to the fact that both these materials are relatively easy to shape and fashion into handles, either with moulds for plastic or die casting for aluminium. Furthermore, the lightweight property of aluminium makes it easy to work with compared to most other metals.

How does aluminium hardware compare to its plastic counterpart, and which of the two is the better choice?

One might assume that plastic is a cheaper material than aluminium, but this is not the case. The comparative costs are highly dependent on the grade of the plastic you use. A plastic option for handle construction can be acquired for a low cost, but you can be absolutely certain that the quality and durability won’t be a match for more expensive plastics or, indeed, aluminium. Furthermore, plastic will deteriorate with long-term exposure to the elements. Conversely, aluminium is durable by nature, far more able to remain in good condition with that very same exposure to the elements.

Overall, the only reason one might think to opt for plastic is that they think they will save money. But, in reality, a quality plastic handle will carry a similar price tag to an aluminium one, but it won’t be nearly as durable. When choosing the right door handle for your needs, be aware that the plastic option doesn’t match up to the aluminium one. Get in touch with us today for more information on the right handles for your aluminium doors.