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Why aluminium doors offer modern practicality

on October 24, 2017

Why aluminium doors offer modern practicality

If you’re looking to enhance your shopfront, entrance to your building or reception area, then you’ve probably considered replacing and upgrading your doors. If you’re looking to improve your customers’ first impressions of your business, then Aluminium doors might be the ideal solution. But not only are they attractively modern, but they also have a whole host of features that make them great for practicality reasons too.

Friendly for all

By choosing aluminium doors, you’re opening your business up to a whole range of ways to be more disabled-friendly. From sliding to folding doors, in both automatic and manual forms, through to broader aperture frames, there’s a lot you can customise with aluminium easily. These entries are also much more child-friendly in a way a heavier metal or wooden door isn’t; preventing trapped fingers once and for all.

Light yet sturdy

Aluminium might have a reputation for being a ‘light’ material, but it’s also incredibly sturdy, making your store security fully locked down when you’re closed. Forget about windows with bars and imposing doors, aluminium doors can still maintain an attractive, modern style whilst being sturdy and secure enough to impress. Door access controls can be used for added security on back doors while still maintaining that same modern aesthetic aluminium provides.

Let the sun in

If you opt for an aluminium and glass storefront, not only are you letting potential customers get a great view of your store, you’re also offering a whole lot more light into your business. Forget dingy lightbulbs on during the day and enjoy natural light that shows off your products at their best, as well as stunning window displays to show off even more of your products. Not only will this save electricity, but it will also make your shop feel ten times bigger thanks to all the airy brightness.

If you’re looking to upgrade your storefront, brighten up your entrance or improve your office reception, aluminium doors are the place to start. Contact us today to discuss our range of hardware for your aluminium doors.