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Why aluminium is the better option for bigger projects

on September 27, 2017

Why aluminium is the better option for bigger projects

Aluminium doors and windows have a range of different benefits. However, one thing many construction firms don’t take into account are the potential benefits of using it in larger structures.

So, how can aluminium benefit bigger buildings?

It’s stronger

Aluminium remains the strongest option when it comes to door and window frames. And, of course, the larger the building the stronger the frame needs to be to support it. By using aluminium, your design will be able to comfortably handle the larger doors and windows required by a larger building.

It looks more minimal

If you’re designing and working on a larger property, the chances are aesthetics will play a major part in the construction. No one wants to invest millions in a larger property only to find that it doesn’t look very good. By using aluminium frames, it’s possible to create a more minimal design that emphasises the light flooding in and out of the windows and the doors, rather than the windows and doors themselves.

It’ll allow for lighter interiors

It’s very easy for bigger buildings to become too dark if not enough openings are created or if the openings created are too small. Aluminium frames are much stronger and can support much larger panes of glass. As a result, bigger openings are possible and the larger building’s design will be much brighter inside.

It’s a recyclable material

Almost all modern building designs have to demonstrate that they’re ‘green’. Aluminium is one of the most widely used recyclable materials in the world, and using it for doors and windows will immediately demonstrate the environmental friendliness of the project. By using aluminium, you’ll demonstrate your green credentials easily.

It’s budget friendly

The bigger the building, the more natural wear and tear it’ll suffer from in future. That’s why using a tough, durable material like aluminium for the frames is actually the more cost-effective solution, even if something like uPVC is cheaper at point of sale. uPVC will need replacing much sooner, and it’ll require much more maintenance in the long run. With a bigger building, aluminium supplies are a one-time investment that’ll make running the property cheaper in future.

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