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Door or window hardware can comprise hundreds of different components and parts. Here, we have put together a selection of frequently asked questions and helpful information relating to the wide stocks of hardware we provide.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question not answered here, or if you need help with any particular product.

What are your delivery charges?

See our delivery page for details.

Are there any products I am required to take pack quantities on?

Pack Quantities only apply to certain products.  Contact us for further information.  Please be aware that buying items available in pack quantities in this way, keeps prices lower for you as items to do not need to be repackaged.  This also enables us to despatch much quicker.

How do I calculate the hinged side or handing of a door?

The window industry traditionally views all items from the outside and the point on any door sketch always denotes the hinged side.

How can I calculate my requirements for Teleflex Window Controls? 

Let us do this for you.  Our estimating service for Teleflex manual or electric window controls is very simple for the customer.  Simply fax or email your elevation sketches or drawings and we will do the rest.

The only information we need from you is:

  • the approximate vent sizes
  • the distance from the internal finished floor level to the bottom of the vent
  • colour of hardware required
  • any other specification
How can I work out my requirements for glass door patch fittings?

For our new range of glass door patch fittings, simply send a sketch of your door, whether opening in or out and the sizes and handings.  We will do the rest.

What door closers do you supply?

We provide high quality concealed overhead closers.  These are also known as transom closers.  Our door closers are available with top arms for either side load or end load operation. All are available in various spindle lengths and suitable for new or retro fit applications. You will need to specify the top arm and bottom pivot required at time of order. All our closers come with backcheck as standard and leak-proof adjustment screws.

We also provide face fixed door closers to suit many types of doors. These are also available in varying strengths and with optional hold open arms if required.

What types of doors are your door handles suitable for?

Our range of architectural handles are available for glass, aluminium, timber, steel or hybrid door materials.  With pvcu doors, they can be fitted but the location of the existing lock or eurogroove must be taken into consideration.

Why do I have to tell you what type of door the handle is being fixed to?

Handles do not come with universal fixings.  We need to know the type of door to provide the correct fixings.  Fixings are all included in the price of our handles.

What is the recommended cleaning on your range of handles?

All hardware needs to be routinely cleaned, particularly in the case of powder coated hardware to prevent discoloration of the powder coat finish over time. This is particularly important in severe environments such as coastal or chlorine.  Steel handles can have less frequent cleaning with a proprietary cleaner. Powder coated handles require simply a mild solution.

What locks do you provide?

We offer hook locks and bar bolt locks, in a wide variety of back-sets.  All our locks will suit round or europrofile cylinders.  Faceplates need to be ordered separately depending upon whether they are required for flat or radiused door stiles. All locks come with three keys as standard. We can provide additional key blanks if needed.  contact us for help on our range of locks.

What is access control hardware?

Access control is the control of doors via either keypad locks, swipe cards or other means.  It need not be complicated to specify or fix to doors and we provide every assistance.  Access control can be standard use, heavy duty and even weather rated. Contact us for further information.

What types of electric strikes are available?

We stock electric strikes suitable for new or retro fit applications.  All are manufactured DC compatible, for 12V or 24V, easily adapted to fail safe or fail secure operation and supplied with rectifiers and transformers if needed.  Our electric strikes suit all types of doors and with such a large range, contact us for help with your particular door or requirements.

What paddle handles do you provide?

We provide a full range of push or pull to exit paddle handles compatible with all leading aluminium systems.  Paddle handles can be provided with simple key access externally or can be used with keypad locks or lever handles.

What Guarantees are offered with your hardware ranges?

Our Guarantees are all product specific. Please contact us for further information.

Where can I obtain CE marking information

Please contact us and we will provide it for you.